New, old, or fake? Anyone know?

  1. not sure... they had european bags before the collab with LeSportsac though
  2. That is part of the European collection. It's authentic, but not part of the LeSportsac collaberation.
  3. it's cute! i've never seen it before. the bags i've seen that are only sold in Europe were either made of canvas or PVC. so maybe it's new.
  4. wow it is cute!
  5. oooo, a leather tokidoki bag. I'm still holding out hope for a collab between Simone and Louis Vuitton.
  6. Wow, that's really cute!
  7. wow that would put a REALLY big dent in my wallet :drool:
  8. i think the collaboration with LV is bound to happen. hard candy was sold to them no? that and simone is always rocking his LV wallet. i spotted it during the yoyamart signing. i can't wait! gotta save for that.
  9. ...I remember seeing this bag a while ago...someone who went to Europe or something had it...along with some other cool toki stuff that is hard to find...I dont know if that one is the real deal, but there is a bag that looks like that.

    $206 is O__o but i guess it's the same as paying hawaii retail for a gioco......
  10. what she said :yes: there's a thread about the european bags somewhere on here. There were a few styles but they were all $$ I believe they sold them in the same boutique that had the beach towel and flip flops or in the new milan store :shrugs: don't know for sure but they're authentic and for europe only me thinks
  11. Original.

    Simone Legno had designed a few bags before, some are unbranded and look like they're made of crappy canvas.