New Obsessions on LV Website!!!

  1. Have you checked out the LV site lately?!?!? They have posted new bags from the Show Summer 07. Love it or hate it, the Monogram Denim Patchwork bag is finally making its debut on the site. I personally am feeling the Big Steamer in the Polka Dots Panema Line.

    Enough listening to me ramble, get over there and check it out!!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. i like the Polka Dots Panema Bowly :nuts:!

    but in white though, NOT the blue :hrmm:
  3. When I first read the title, I thought you had purchased new LV Obsession sunglasses. :lol:
  4. They don't appear on the UK site..? Or am I in the wrong place? =P
  5. Funny- I like the blue
  6. I like the Viviane, although i wouldn't have it myself coz i wouldnt use it, and its a bit too expensive! there was a picture in Heat magazine a few weeks ago of it on Peaches Geldof and it looked cute!:smile:
  7. Thanks for the heads up, I never check the site enough
  8. Yes..I have seen loads of new bags Summer 2007!! I will go for Pochette plate PM in Navy striped..£85!
  9. I'm not loving most of the new bags. I don't mind the denim patchwork and the Dentelle. The rest of the new stuff isn't doing it for me. I love all the new MC that isn't on he website yet.
  10. Me too Bling! But you already knew that since we're both sweating the RITA bag! Can't wait.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. I see lots of LV cup stuff 2007..very lovely..but I'm not sure if it is for women...or just for men only..
  12. My hubby loved the stuff but originally said no way that's too chickish. I had to force him to look at it and realize it is unisex. I'd buy it if I had money left over from being obsessed with multicolore and extremely girly stuff. lol :shrugs: Not enough funds for all my wants tho!
  13. me too!! i wonder how much it is?
  14. They are on the UK site now I love the Polka Dots in white! The Bowly is GBP 1260.
    The Fleurs, I don't think so!!!
  15. Hmmm... some areas, like the accessories area still have to be updated...