New obsession: black MC petite Noe

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  1. This was sorta an impulse buy... I saw a lady with a black epi petite noe the other day & I fell in love with it. I never used to care much for the noe, but all of a sudden, I wanted one. So I went down to Holt Renfrew today to try on all the different ones & decided the black MC suited me the best!
    noe 001.jpg noe 002.jpg noe 003.jpg
  2. gorgeous!!!
  3. Congrats! That lil guy is growing on me, too! I love it in black!
  4. It looks great on you! I love this bag :heart:
  5. Congrats! Enjoy it as much I did with mine!! :happydance:
  6. Niiiice. Congrats!
  7. wow, beautiful!
  8. I just got this bag a few days ago too:nuts: . I love it, the MC looks soooo nice in this bag. I'm glad I went for the black, although I liked the white too.:yes:
  9. I absolutely love the MC noe! CONGRATS it look fabulous on you!
  10. Thanks everyone!
    I'm so happy!
  11. congrats!!! It looks great on ya!!!
  12. Beautiful!!!! I like your room by the nice toys!
  13. GORGEOUS bag, it looks great on you !!! I want one sooo bad now!!
  14. Congrats!!!
    I also love the Noe and Noe in Black MC looks really gorgeous!
    Absolutely it's so great on you!
  15. Congratulations!!!It's gorgeous!