new nova nickel tote I love it

  1. I love your new bag...Congrats!! and, your collection is TDF!! :wtf:
  2. Love it!!! I am a LV girl myself, but my heart flutters when I see burberry!

  3. [​IMG]

    Love the bag and it looks fabulous on you!
  4. gorgeous!
  5. It's lovely- great LV collection too!
  6. gorgeous collection and the new bag looks great on you!!
  7. I really like the tote.
  8. love your bag ! look special !
  9. I love the Nova Tote Nickel!!! It's one of my favourites, too! :tup:
    I bought the "Dryden" bag in London last year, it's a crossbody in the Nova check with nickel coloured edges. I just love this nickel colour. :heart:

  10. That's a gorgious burberry bag! I like this one better than the speedy too! very nice, congrats!!
  11. waaaaaaw very nice bag and its size is good u can put many things
  12. Beautiful bag and it looks fantastic on you.
    I know you're calling it a "tote" - but it almost looks like it zips across the top.
    Does it?

    Enjoy your new addition!
  13. yes it zips across the top... Im not sure why they are calling it a tote either
    (from the website)
    Style Number: 10000000302
  14. Congratulations.