New Nordstrom Design!

  1. Has anyone been to recently? They redesigned their site and when you click on designer collections it sets up a street with boutiques. Oh so cute! Brought a :biggrin: to my face!
  2. yes, it's really nice with the music and all :smile: but if i'm not mistaken, it's always been like that, no? haha i don't know, i don't usually go to their website anyways.
  3. It's been like that. I like that because I can see things easily, but I hate when I'm at work and it takes forever to load.
  4. It's been like that for a long time ;)
  5. This is the first time I seen it, but then I don't go on their site often. It is really cute with all those little boutiques. :tender:

  6. Has it really? I need to catch up on my online shopping. However my credit cards disagree!
  7. too cute!
  8. They recently redesigned their whole site. I hadn't seen this, though. It is cute!
  9. That's very cute! It makes everything easy to find.
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