New Nomada Bag Picture!!!

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  1. ... I am new to the Purse Forum, but i have a decent Louis Vuitton collection for a guy... (No bags! :rolleyes: just an agenda and 2 belts)

    While browsing on the American part of the LV site I noticed a bag, that I never noticed before... You only get a picture when you scroll over the link, but the bag is NOT a part of the collection ...
    So i was wondering if it was an upcoming model
    or perhaps a previous one ??

    ... I am new to the Purse Forum, but I have a decent Louis Vuitton collection for a guy... (No bags :rolleyes: just a agenda and a belt)

    While introducing myself I could mention, that I really want some masculine quality products, that really gives the impression of style rather than a big wallet with flair for a lot of brands and "chavness" :supacool:
    Which LV lines or products would you recommend ??

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  2. Hi, welcome to PF..

    The one in the picture called Neguev, come in GM and PM
    I believe this is not new style..
    Very classy looking briefcase but I personally think it's high maintenance due to its material.

    How do you feel about the line from Taiga leather?? It's also very sublte not screaming LV.
  3. The bag You mentioned is called Neguev and it comes in 2 sizes (PM, GM). It is discontinued bag but You will find one easy coz I saw many of them in stores past months. Good Luck!! Maybe You will like Tobago shoe bag?

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  4. Taiga ?? I have noticed it, and it seems okay ... it seems right to buy a bag/wallet from this line, since it doesn't scream LV ...

    i was just wondering which individuel products you fought were really masculine and still hip ... it is really just to get some oppinions of which bag or wallet that would suit a teenage guy, who doesn't (not that it is a bad thing) want to apperar metrosexuel ... if you know what i mean ...

    I was wondering about a Damier Cles ??
  5. I'm guy teenage (17) and personally I don't like taiga line, too bussiness look for me. I have Damier cles and like it. Maybe messenger bag (viktor in taiga or bastille in damier)? I think nearly all products from men section on LV site are masculine and not metrosexual :smile:
  6. damier or black epi................i would prefer damier though......seems like taiga is too business-like for men....JMO
  7. I'm sorry, I'm not the person to ask, I frequently find myself trying to find uses for purses :roflmfao:
  8. Welcome to TPF!!
  9. :roflmfao:

    Welcome to the purse forum!