New Noe in Soft Veau Cachemire leather!!!

  1. New Noe in Soft Veau Cachemire leather!!! Same leather used on the Calf Sofia bags! :biggrin:

    Comes in blanc, jasper and brown!

    I would love one in soft leather! So exciting!
    louis-vuitton-noé-bb-icons--M42610_PM2_Front view.jpg louis-vuitton-noé-bb-icons--M42612_PM2_Front view.jpg louis-vuitton-noé-bb-icons--M42611_PM2_Front view.jpg louis-vuitton-noé-pm-icons--M42607_PM2_Front view.jpg louis-vuitton-noé-pm-icons--M42609_PM2_Front view.jpg
  3. The first one reminds me of the VVN Noe!!!! OMG this is fabulous! :love:
  4. They are luxurious...I love the brown color. ️
  5. OMG! I am in love!!! Do you know pricing by chance?
  6. Oh my! Can someone tell me about Soft Veau Cachemire leather?

    I read briefly online that it's "scratch resistant but must still be handled with care"..

    Is this a kind of leather that must be babied? Or can you throw it around (gently, haha)... Coz man.. I am really liking that caramel colored one!!
  7. These are gorgeous! Especially the jasper color!:heart:
  8. OMG :drool: Stunning!!!
  9. Not sure about the price yet. But since it's in the high leather range. I would assume 3k for the bb, and 4k for the pm. I just txted my SA and waiting for her response.
  10. My SC pm is in this leather, I never handle it with care. I just use it regularly include fully loaded and put it on flights overhead locker without dust bag. Saw some slight corner scratch due to I pull it from overhead lockers and also put it in the trolley car without dust bag. But after I got home I use lovin my bag delicate series cleaned it and buff all the corners, now it appear as new again, can't see the scratches anymore. So I don't think you need to baby this type of leather. HTH.
  11. wow... :loveeyes:

    so pretty!
  12. Loving this. Was looking at the petite noe in epi but it's all call for availability in UK. But this I might wait for :smile: when you get info for release dates and prices please post.
  13. I was just thinking of getting the petite noe this weekend. I changed my mind
  14. OMG the first one :loveeyes:
  15. Noe BB is $3800 same for chantilly ...requested info a couple of weeks ago ... maybe due Mid May.... I wish the noe was nomade as the capuccino colours looks like skin:P