NEW NM Fall Runway Bags!

  1. ARGH.....I love them all...
    What gets my goat is the nylon trunk bags are OVER 2000.00...I think that that is NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. What's that about do you think? All that trick hardware ??
  3. ^yep..the metal hardware makes the price elevate..LOL....SUCKS!
  4. ITA, they are stunning, but the price is crazy!
  5. I like this one:

    [​IMG] And it's a steal at less than $1500!! :graucho:

    But...I still like the new trunk bag Jill saw at Saks better... :graucho:
  6. ^^^Oooooo, I didn't look that closely at that one. I thought it only had a LONG shoulder strap and I hate those, but on second look, I see the hand held handle too AND IT'S GOT THE ZIPPER!! Hmm....... Let's see, sell jewelry, sell violin, sell soul.... Yep, it's MINE! :yahoo:

    OMG! Bergdorf has it on their site: NO SALES TAX!! I'm in so much trouble.:sweatdrop:
  7. Geez Louise! I put this post up as a show and tell for you guys. Thanks to Ms. Bisbee, I now have the Glace Zipper Tote being overnighted to me from BG. :wtf:

    OK, now who do I call to list my soul for sale....
  8. Good for you PP, you deserve a nice new bag, hehe. Post modeling pics . Love all these new pradas. ahhhhhhhhhhh
  9. Don't know that I deserve it, but thanks sjunky13. We'll see how I like it when it gets here though, so the verdict is out on the soul selling just now. ;)
  10. Hey Jill! If you see this bag when you're in NY this weekend, will you whip out that IPhone, snap a model shot for me and post it here? Thanks! :tender:
  11. i tried the tote on and wasn't crazy about how it looked worn with the strap. the open top made it a bit shapeless. i like the one jill had more.
  12. ^^^Oh, I loved the one Jill had too, but I do NOT love the 3K price tag!!! :wtf:

    Actually this is somewhat similar to my birthday "choo choo" bag, so the strap situation is familiar to me and not a problem.
  13. i tried on your birthday choo choo bag too and it's different because the the cinched sides gave it more shape. it's hard to explain -- you'll get to see for yourself soon enough.

    btw, does anyone know which bag this is?

  14. Ooooh!!!! Pictures please, as soon as it comes! :yes: