New Nimbuses....side by side *pics*

  1. For those of you wondering how the new Nimbuses stack up, here are some pics of the Perle PM and GM side by side. There's also a pic of the Anthracite PM, and finally, I included a pic of what I typically carry. The wallet in the pic is approximately the same size as a Zippy wallet.

    I haven't decided which size I'm going to keep yet. The PM fits all of my things if I strategically arrange them in the bag. With the GM, there are no size constraints. The PM definitely loses it's slouch factor, and becomes stiff depending on how much you have in there. And if you're hoping to wear it over a thick winter coat, forget it. It'll never fit. The most you can do is carry it on the crook of your arm. I like the GM, but worry that there's just too much extra bag for what I need.

    My Anthracite GM is arriving tomorrow, so I'll take more pics. I'm hoping that since it's a darker color, it won't seem as ginormous as the Perle GM.

    If only LV made a Nimbus would be perfect! :yes:
    LV Nimbus 001.jpg LV Nimbus 003.jpg LV Nimbus 002.jpg LV Nimbus.jpg
  2. your nimbuses are gorgeous!! :yes:
  3. wow you order all of them lol. The pm looks so tiny.I like the GM much better. I would have to see the pm on.
  4. oooh, fancy! i like your nimbuses (err, nimbi?) ... the design just looks comfortable. and i love the anthracite! :smile: meow.

    keokicat ~ in your pic of the items that you have, there is what i presume is a wallet. kind of a swirly, flowery dark pink. if that's a wallet, who makes it? i'm in the market for a new wallet and i'm weighing all options. thanks!
  5. :dothewave: OMG!!!:dothewave: AMAZING!!!!!

    modeling pictures please!!!
  6. thanks for sharing all your nimbuses!! they are all gorgeous!!
  7. you say your stuff fits in PM....still get enough room or already full?
    BTW, thank you for sharing nice pics!! and congrats!
  8. Love them both.
  9. The wallet is made by Lodis. It's patent leather with really pretty red flowers on it. I really like it because it has 10 CC slots a couple of expanding pockets, money slot, and zipped coin compartment. This particular one is the large Ballet Venetian Flowers wallet in Candy Apple. You can find it on or I got mine on whatshebuys for $125. When I don't use this, I use my Zippy wallet cuz I love the organization.
  10. After all my stuff is in it, I can still put another D&B wristlet in, but that's pushing it. It makes the purse feel really fat and stiff, and it hangs weird. BUT can still zip the purse closed.

    I forgot to include my keys in the picture, but I do carry three key rings with fobs also. They fit in the PM too.
  11. My Nimbus PM fits on my shoulder with my winter coat. I have 2, a wool coat and a North Face coat. Not a problem. I adore this bag. Like you, I'm going to get both colors:yes: Congrats and enjoy your bags!!
  12. thanks!!! i am surfing over there right now ...
  13. I see.

    "The PM fits all of my things if I strategically arrange them in the bag. With the GM, there are no size constraints. The PM definitely loses it's slouch factor,"

    I understand it, coz soft and slouchy!!
    mmmmm. I am waiting for PM but thinking about GM.

  14. thanks for sharing!
  15. I forgot to mention, I also really like it because it keeps everything compact.