New Neverfull vs. Old Neverfull?

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  1. I'm about to purchase a damier ebene NF GM and noticed that my store has the "old" one and the "new" one. The new one comes with the clutch and the inside is different, but for the price difference I'm not really sure if I even want the clutch. Are there any other differences, quality-wise?
  2. I wouldn't say so. They are exactly the same in my opinion, except the new one comes with a different interior and a pochette. If you care for the pochette, then get the new one. But honestly, you can get a separate (and better) pochette for a cheaper price than the one that LV is offering with the NF for the jacked up price.

    If you have the opportunity to buy the old one, I would say buy it and save yourself a bundle. They are being discontinued very soon.
  3. Have the same question...
  4. I would go with the old one...the pouch is very flat and unless you have a use for it IMO it's not worth the extra $. The only other deciding factor would be if the new one is made in France, if that's important to you.
  5. Personally, I'd probably opt for the old one and use the money I saved to invest in a purse organizer. When I got my first LV, I found this awesome woman on Etsy who has LV purse organizers and they were well were the money. Whenever I get my second LV bag, I'll be investing in a purse organizer again.
  6. Just picked up the old one... Reveal to come!
  7. Good choice! Since they are discontinued it's good to have one. I've seen a few of the pochettes for sale on ebay, so clearly others have not found them useful.
  8. Actually my SA offered to sell me an Epi version, she said they have extras for service. $200 and $35 for the chain.
  9. Can't wait to see your reveal.
  10. Good choice!
  11. Good choice! Can't wait to see your reveal.