New neverfull colors

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  1. Has there been any mention of when there will be new colors of the neverfull neo out? And what colors they might be?
  2. No one knows?
  3. I think because a lot of people don't care for the "new" Neverfull nobody is paying attention.
    I read somewhere on another thread they were coming out with pastel colors this summer..
    But who knows??

  4. There was a thread here that talked about the new epi colors for the neverfull.. I'm rather new here, so I don't know how to copy that thread here. I saw the Corial color, and I believe there is also a rose pale color. I hope that helps..
  5. I don't care for the new neverfulls either. If I got one I would sell the pouch but I may wait to see of there are some prettier interiors coming for mono before I go for the original tan. I'm not a fan of the yellow, orange or dark raspberry! :smile:
  6. There was some mention on here that the mono will come with neon interiors soon.. Could be a rumor.
  7. I saw the new colors for Epi Neverfull. The Corail is really pretty.. There's also pastel yellow, pink, and lavender.. They're like Easter colors.. They're really pretty but definitely a seasonal color.. They also have espadrille in Corail and navy colors.. Pretty too..😄 I love the Corail color the most even though I'm a purple lover..😉
  8. What exactly is the point of that pouch?! I worked out it's an extra £120 in the UK..for what? It's too flat to put things you might need in.
  9. My newest bag is the new Neverfull MM with Mimosa interior. LOVE it and the pouch it comes with! Beautiful color for Spring thru Fall IMO. I have read here somewhere that it seems some people are getting the bag and selling it without the pouch.

    I also have a Neverfull GM in DE and I like both inside patterns.

    It is on the LV USA website.

  10. I think LV had to throw something in to justify the high price of the Neverfull now.:lol:
  11. LOL... I thought the same. I have heard the iPad mini fits in there nicely, but def. too flat to use for cosmetics, etc. I am sticking with my original from 2010.:heart: