New Neverfull bag

  1. Hi... Bought my new neverfull mm bag. What do you think of this bag? Love it! Can put anything inside..very roomy..:tup:
  2. congrats and luv it
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Congrats! I also have the Neverfull MM & I love it. I use it everyday for fits a ton.
  5. Congrats!!
  6. Congrats... I love the Neverfull!!!
  7. Congrats, any pics to share?
  8. Congrats on your Neverfull!! I love that bag!
  9. Congrats on the new bag!

    I'm not a fan of the bag... it just doesn't appeal to me.
  10. my aunt has the neverfull but not sure which size it was :p
  11. :woohoo:
  12. I love this bag, great for school and everday use.
  13. Congrats!
  14. Congrats! Piccies?
  15. Congrats! I have the PM and love it too!