New never full instant reveal and needs advice :)

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  1. Hey guys! This was an impulse buy even though I have been looking to purchase it. I don't own any monogram (this is my first!) so I need advice on how I can keep the vachetta leather clean and patina evenly. Any help is appreciated! Here is my neo neverfull with fushcia interior! It's love at first sight!

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  2. Interior is so pretty in pink!

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  3. very pretty!!! congrats :smile: I keep my patina clean by not wearing lotion on my hands when I wear my LV bags, and I store all my bags in their dustbags and boxes :smile: hope this helps!!!
  4. So, so pretty! And agree with the above, no lotion and no rain until it patina's! ;)
  5. There's lots of advice in the FAQ section. I pretreat my vachetta with LMB protector.
  6. +1
  7. Congratulations!
  8. congrats!😃👍👏
  9. I agree with the others. Stay away from lotion. And LMB will definitely help protect it.
  10. Congratulations!
  11. great purchase!
  12. Congrats, I really like mono. I concur, no lotions when you use her
  13. Why no lotion? If you use the purse once it is absorbed, isn't that okay?
  14. Congrats, love the colour!
  15. Congrats, beautiful bag. I'd tan it in the window for a day or two and then just be careful when wearing lotions on your hands. There is little vachetta so it's a great one to start with!

    Love the color you chose.