New Neo bag on LV website!

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  1. I just noticed that one of the Neo bags in online now, looks like the Peachy color for anyone wanting to get first dibs on this bag!:nuts: Look under the S/S 2010 category.

    Edit: I think this should be under the shopping thread, sorry Mods.
  2. It's lovely! Too bad I am spend out for right now!
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I initially didn't like this collection but I'm starting to think it's really cute! I guess we'll see what happens lol.
  4. thanks
  5. just saw it, thanks for the tip, AAdams! Im LUSTING after this one...but im gonna have to wait, and then youbetcha its all gone..... sigh...
  6. I wonder if it is heavy?
  7. hopefully we'll have someone get it today and do a reveal with all info!!!
  8. It looks like argent color to me based on the dark color of the lock. I noticed that is was "out of stock online" by 0630 central today.
  9. Thank you :smile:
  10. OMG...I saw every color today at my LV Boutique, and now am TORN between the Argent and regular Mono...thoughts? This is a freaking awesome bag...I AM IN LOVE! Great mommy bag, and so fun!
  11. Thanks!
  12. Did your store have the regular mono?? My store said the mono neo had been delayed....:sad:
  13. ^^Yes, they had both. HOWEVER- it was a trunk show and they are taking orders...
  14. Thanks, I had placed my order for the mono neo at my store's trunk show a few weeks ago. My SA had told me they would arrive today and when I went by the store today she said they were delayed!
  15. it's out of stock already:/