New Neiman Marcus in Charlotte, NC you know if

  1. they are carrying the Chanel line?

    I have only been to the South Park Mall once but loved it. Unfortunately, it was before the NM opened. Thanks.:yes:
  2. Nathansgirl posted a thread about it in Gen Discussion, she mentioned in that thread which designers were carried there, you may try doing a search.
  3. Yes, They do carry Chanel.
  4. I found out today that the Saks in Raleigh, NC carries Chanel. She said they have a few. :smile:
  5. i can't wait to see the new NM in charlotte! i'm moving there in a few weeks. also the new Hermes is opening in November!!!!!!:jammin:
  6. A Hermes is opening in Charlotte?? WOW
  7. yeppers but no date announced just yet. :smile: