New Navy vs Navy

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  1. Hi All,

    Does anyone have comparison color on new navy vs navy ? I read couple of comments on Goyard forum about members mention new navy. Honestly I am not aware that they change the color.
    I am curious if there is a significant difference on the color ?
    When do Goyard release new navy ?
    Thanks everyone..
  2. I think new navy is darker and closer to black. The old navy had more of a blueberry tone.


  3. I was thinking the other way around. I thought the new one is brighter.. Lucky you tell me. Thank you.
  4. i'm comparing the navy that was around a few years ago to the navy that's been around this last year. if there's an even newer navy that came out in the last couple of months, then i don't know how that tone compares!


  5. Ok noted. Thank you.
  6. The new navy is a blueberry color, closer to a purple blue.
  7. #7 Apr 7, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
    From what I have seen, I thought the old Navy is brighter....

    I had a discussion with a SA in Tokyo on this topic before but not really just about Navy Blue. Beside Navy blue, you can actually find different shades for green and yellow too for different batches and on different items.

    The SA explained that the shade difference is due to the pigmentation used for the specific batch and for some colors, the shade could change with age, coupled with the external factors such as how the items are stored.

    I was seeking for a Navy Blue Voltaire then and that particular SA showed me the available Navy Blue Voltaires in their boutique and let me choose the shade that I want....though eventually i went for the Burgundy.
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