New Naviglio azur

  1. Hello!
    I am a man and I am totally LV addicted!
    For the moment I have no azur pieces but I am in love with this line and I heard that LV will launch Naviglio in azur for men. I am really impatient!
    Has anyone have a photo please ???
    Will it be launched with the Sporty bag and new azur models in May or later ?
    Sorry for my english mistakes but I send you the message from France, the country of LOUIS VUITTON !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Welcome!! I have an Azur speedy 30 however I have not carried it yet!!! There are many ladies that will have great pics for you...the LV ladies on here are incredible sources of information!
  3. Hello! WELCOME, I'm guy too! I havent photo, but there was thread that new naviglio will have blue strap or smth like that, try make forum search and you will find more info, lol
  4. Hello Moko!
    I am really glad you answered my post because I saw your LV collection on the nice Starck's chair for a long time! It is very rare to meet guys who are real LV addicts! I collect LV items for about 3 years now and I have pieces I am really crazy about : Luldlow wallet mono, Portefeuille 3 vues mono, La fortune keeholder, Damier Bastille, Mono pochette Bosphore and my beloved Groom Agenda with yellow stripe ! and also the 2 books Birth of luxury and Icons! Unfortunately, I have no camera with me for a photo of my collection. I live in France so I can go everyweek to LV Champs Elysées! LV is wonderful! I think I will love the Azur Naviglio for a summer bag but it is impossibl to find the foto on the forum! Help me if you find it! thank you very much! See you
  5. Welcome!
  6. there is no photo as of yet, only descriptions. =) I'm looking forward to it too, I LOVE azur, but I don't really thnk I'll need this bag, so I'll have to make up an excuse to get it. =P The strap was cream with a blue center line or something I believe..
  7. i would like to see it. the azur is starting to grow on me!
  8. salut Rom!!!

    J'ai aucune photo, mais bienvenue au Purse Forum :biggrin:
  9. Hello Rom, welcome! I think your English is just fine! :smile: The Azur Naviglio sounds good to me! I think one of the tpfers said the strap was striped?
  10. Welcome.
  11. Welcome to TPF, Rom!!! Hope you get the bag!!
  12. i wanna see it! i love azur!
  13. welcome to tpf! i too am ahu ge azur fan. its so fresh.
  14. I've been to LV on Champs-Elysses too! I LoVe Paris, my favourite LV store in Paris is Saint-Germain coz is not crowded and has climate. We are Fortune keychain and Groom agenda in Yellow TWINS!!! Hahaha;)
  15. welcome! i can't wait to see a naviglio in azur!