New Naomi Campbell H bag ?

  1. :tup: or :tdown: what do you think ladies?

    I am skeptical. I don't know if she is classy enough. I don't know if I like this idea.


    Model behavior carrying on

    First came the Hermès Kelly bag, then the Birkin, named for Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin, respectively. Now, we hear, Naomi Campbell is hard at work in Paris designing a tote of her own for the storied French luxury goods house. But what to call it? We think the Naomi bag has a nice ring to it.
    —Nicole Phelps

    Photo: Tony Barson/
  2. She may design something wonderful......
  3. ^^^ :yes:
  4. love the idea
  5. Interesting . . . we'll all have to wait and see.
  6. It will be interesting to see what it looks like. I wonder though, will we need written permission from her to buy it??
  7. So I must be minority here. Hopefully she'll get lots of help, maybe she will be helped much more than she will help them, but I personally didn't like all the other non-model things she did. The book, the perfume, and I don't remember well what else, anyway, all that was a flop after all, and for sure it wasn't as good as she had been as a model

    Don't know, maybe that's just me. Or maybe she will just be giving her name.
  8. Well,
    she's a beautiful woman and world-class model without a doubt, but I am not sure if she's really
    that much of an Hermès-icon...

  9. ^^^Tenshi, that's exactly what I meant. Thank you for finding the perfect words.
  10. ;) DianaGrace, lol.

    ...and Dito TramaTurgo.

    It's funny how people sometimes think the exact same things
    in the exact same instance, TT!
  11. Well, I'm with you on this TRAMA......
  12. I saw this gal get hounded - she literally RAN to her SUV to get away from Paparazzi. She's a gorgeous gal, it'd be hard to predict what a "Naomi" would be like. Sometimes people can really surprise us... VB's jeans were impossible to get and actually very well done, even after many critics skepticism.

    Looking forward to the new bag!
  13. I wonder if it will have an easily accesible cell phone pocket.....
  14. ^^^I wouldn't mind a couple of other pockets inside too. Hoping they won't do what they did for the JPGshoulder birkin (which I own, and I love, but please, give us some inside pockets:rolleyes:for god's sake!)
  15. LMAO, Quinn'sMom!!!

    I bet it will!