New my lockme bag? Anyone has it?

  1. Hello ladies :smile:

    I passed by LV store briefly and I saw this new bag. Has anyone seen it? Or have it?
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  2. There is a video in one of the threads... hmmm I think either "fall/winter or the "new bags out today". It has a very fussy interior, too many compartments, I doubt you could fit something like a sunglass case in it. The colours are great and I love the leather on this line.
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  3. I just got the noire vanille . I will post a reveal once I get a chance. Meanwhile it is bigger than pochette metis(I don't have this anymore but used to have one). You can definitely put a sunglass case in it. I love it so Much!
  4. Here is a photo of a black one i took at the store. But I got the noire vanille.
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  5. The strap was at the longest setting so it looked very long on me.
  6. Thank you so much!! It looks great on you. Please do the reveal ❤️❤️❤️
  7. You're welcome.
  8. I just got this bag Andi need help! In the excitement of the purchase I didn't see the slight crookedness. What do you all think? Please help. tempFileForShare_20171006-150927.jpg tempFileForShare_20171006-150802.jpg tempFileForShare_20171006-150721.jpg tempFileForShare_20171006-150507.jpg tempFileForShare_20171006-150555.jpg
  9. Hopefully these are better pictures. Also the handle is shorter than the picture from the website.
    Screenshot_20171006-154929.jpg Screenshot_20171006-154925.jpg Screenshot_20171006-154921.jpg
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  10. Tried it on today. Strap is adjustable and can be made shorter.

    IMG_1313.JPG IMG_1314.JPG
  11. For reference from pavlinalvnashville. Loved it in person but might be too small as I carry a lot with me.

  12. A photo of me wearing it.
    Screenshot_20171006-183142.jpg Screenshot_20171006-183142.jpg
  13. Looks stunning! Can you fit a lot more than Pochette Metis? PM was very limiting for me
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  14. Yes! It's a lot bigger than PM. I tried fitting iPad air with a flip case in the front big pocket and it went in half way and then it stopped. I didnt want to force it. Its a very roomy bag.
  15. Looks great on you. Leather looks lush too. Congrats.
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