New muse in Orange or Biscotto

  1. I just purchased a gorgeous YSL muse in orange or as has it, biscotto! :nuts: The color is great for me, since I love browns and dress casual here in MN.

    I still cannot believe it... I feel like an actor winning an Oscar!

    I would like to Thank all of you in TPF for making this possible. All your great information, comments and advice really helped me make this purchase.

    I will have to post some pics after I figure out how to do it. :yes:
  2. Congrats. I have that color also. Enjoy!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Congrats! The bag is great so enjoy it. Can't wait to see the pics.
  5. Thanks! I just love the color!:love: I got the OS and it's great. Now the white one is looking tempting...
  6. Ha, ha. We accept all accolades. The color sunds divine.
  7. Piccies!
  8. Post pics please :smile:
  9. Hi! I finally figured out how to post pictures, so below is my muse! :rolleyes:
    Muse1.jpg Muse2.jpg muse3.jpg Muse4.jpg muse5.jpg
  10. The first day I used my muse was for a happy hour with girlfriends. Before rushing to our movie, I spilled drops of martini on it and that hurt :sad:me, but thank goodness, not the leather. But after the movie ended, it was snowing cats and dogs! :crybaby: I just couldn't believe it...I tried covering it with my coat, but as you can see, it is the OS, so snow fell on it, too. And again, the leather dried up quick and I see no marks. I'm scared to take it out again!
  11. Your muse looks just divine. There really is a wide range of colors out there right now. However, I'm the conservative one. I still went ahead and bought the oversized black one for my everyday use. Don't you just love it!!! Don't be scare to use it! Its meant to be use! especially the color you have.. I really think that with some signs of aging it'll just be like really good wine.... very tasteful.
  12. Oh, thanks for your comments! I hope to see pictures of yours! I really think the black is beautiful and I have a few black bags, but the muse does stand out.
  13. Thanks for the pics. I really love it. The color looks great.
  14. Love the color. Thanks for sharing.
  15. It's gorgeous!!! Congratulations and enjoy!