New Muse accessories?

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  1. I've been browsing your site for the past week, trying to make up my mind which Muse to get. I finally bought the oversize chocolate today from YSL on Bond St (London). I love it already so thanks for all the indirect help!

    One question: what did yours come with? I didn't get any spare keys for the lock or anything, just an authentication certificate. Is this right?
  2. hello classictwist sorry i cant answer your question since i dont own one yet im planning to buy muse xl choc too, how are you finding it? is it too big ? im confused wheter i should get a large or oversize thanks :smile:
  3. Well, I had the same dilemma as you, but I wanted to be able to fit an A4 file in for work and only the oversize does this. The OS is certainly more of a statement bag. I don't think I'll find it too big at all, but I'm also 5'11".

    I guess it all depends on what you want to use it for?
  4. thanks classictwist :smile: im 5'1 and i will use it as a day bag .. hope someone here will answer your question :smile:
  5. I think you may be better with the large (rather than OS), but of course, it's up to you!
  6. Check my answer to this in the other muse thread on pg.3
  7. ClassicTwist, I already have the Muse. But, the square Muse fits an A4 paper. It's quite roomy. I bought it last week. But, I won't use it as a handbag. I'll use it as a laptop bag or something.
  8. ClassicTwist: Congrats! Oversize Chocolate must look so nice on you. =)
    Kaka: I'm only 5 ft, I feel comfortable with Medium. I think Large would be a better choice for you. =)
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