New Murakami Event With Kanye West At Brooklyn Museum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Ok so i'm not sure if somebody else posted this already but I am so excited that i have to say this. I just recieved a letter from the Brooklyn Museum regarding the anual Gala ball. It says the following.

    "The brooklyn museum is proud to present the extraordinary Takashi Murakami retrospective this april, which recently opened at the Los Angeeles Museum of Contemporary Art to rave reviews and record breaking attendance. MURAKAMI will be among the most ambitious and largest exhibitions we have brought to our New York audiences.

    The plans for this years ball are phenomanally exciting, and we are thrilled to co-host this event with Louis Vuitton. Artist Takashi Murakami will be among our esteemed guests, Grammy Award winner Kanye West will perform live,...(T)here will also be a live auction with several luxury items including merchandise by Louis vuitton and a VIP experience with the New Jersey Nets."

    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! I live so close to the museum i can walk to the event! I wonder what items they will be auctioning! Probably some of his special louis vuitton collaboration pieces.
  2. <---jealous !!
    You are soooo lucky !! I guess there won't be a mini-store there??
    Don't forget your "spy" camera !! Congrats and have a blast !!

  3. Haha thanks! I know! I got the letter and i was jumping up and down. I wonder if I will be able to meet him and marc jacobs. Nothing was mentioned about a ministore, but i would hope for one.
  4. yah, dont forget your camera and be share to tell us how it went. i envy you
  5. cool! have fun!
  6. omg omg omg . is it invite only?
  7. Still hoping for a Pop-up shop.
    Is it invite only?
  8. Im not actually positive. The cheapest ticket is 1000 dollars, but I think its worth it. If anybody was interested its also 1,350 tax decutable. :tup:
  9. Wow! I hope you get an awesome goody bag!
  10. yay ... have fun and I agree ... take spy pics please!
  11. Thanks for the info! I live in Crown Heights and will DEFINITELY make it to the exhibition. :yes:
  12. Sounds awesome! I can't wait to see pics :love:
  13. Wow that is very exciting! Kayne was at the party in LA as the performer so it sounds like they are re-creating the LA event. There are pics of Kayne, Murakami, Marc Jacobs and tons of celebs at the LA event in the Dec. or Jan. issue of InStyle (Katie Holmes is on the cover). So if they are re-creating those aspects of it, will they also have LV items to sell? I hope so! Thanks for sharing this exciting news!
  14. I wanna go to the ball too!!!!
  15. I was in the Saks LV in NYC and my SA told me that LV will be selling a bag at this exhibition although she did not have any details of what the bag would look like