New MultiColour Vuittons...Release dates???

  1. [​IMG]Hi TPFers,
    Anyone know the release dates of these babies and the price? I cant wait...I am inlove already...
  2. Oh My Gosh :wtf:

    Those are all beautiful!

    I want all 3! :drool:

    Wonder when they are coming out ... :confused1:
  3. Middle one isnt bad, others *shrugs*
  4. I think the release date is May 1st? Not positive though.
  5. Anyone know the price of any one of them?
  6. I cant wait for them to come out.
  7. Loooove them! I wonder if they will come in the Black MC..:rolleyes:
  8. Wow... I am really not feeling those bags. :sad:
  9. love the one in the middle..great pics
  10. :shocked: at first i thought they were fakes. but no...
  11. Not liking them either:shame:
  12. first I was really excited to see the new MC cuz I love this line.... but once I got to the boutique.... Ooooooh MY! The horror! lol but now, I guess the middle one's okay... There's something about the buckles that really turns me off... it's like a fusion of Koala+S.lock :wtf:

    and ya, i *think* it's coming out in May
  13. ehh, think i'll stick to my audra and trouville. just don't know what it is about those i don't like.
  14. Exactly! :yucky:
  15. wow! i thought i was the only one that wasn't feeling these... i guess it's just ALL that HARDWARE! maybe they'll appeal to me more when i see someone wearing one...