new Multicolour Lin collection?

  1. i was browsing through the current black Amex Centurion magazine and in their Style Book section was a frame clutch with what appears to be white Multicolour Lin fabric. its got a smaller pattern, very similar to the Multicolour Satin, but not shiny. i've never been a fan of Multicolour, but i have to admit, im liking this one. will try and post a scan asap.
  2. can't wait to see the pics..
  3. oh sitting on the edge of my chair!
  4. According to my SA that is the line that is going to replace mini mono or maybe that is not the one I am thinking of. I will ask tomorrow when I go to pick up my Saleya!;)
  5. ooo really?? I've never been a fan of the mini mono. This is much nicer??
  6. its suppose to look like the trapeze material
  7. Yes, that's the one!:yes:
  8. the Monogram Lin collection will be available in 2 colours ebony (dark brown/chocolate) and black. i was just surprised to see it also done in Multicolour.
  9. I am looking forward to see that collection. I want mini so bad but my SA told me to wait for mono lin because it will be better than current mini ( no yellow stains)
  10. When I looked at the upcoming fall book it had pictures of the mini lin collection, but I didn't see it in the multicolor. I can't wait to see how that would look like!
  11. ooh that does sound interesting. i should ask my SA when i see her tomorrow.
  12. Oooh this sounds intriging !
  13. souds good! I love the mini line!
  14. ooohhhh.... can't wait to see the pics...
  15. *Eager For PIX!!!* lol