New Multicolore??

  1. I was browsing thru and saw the mini mc lockit keyring. Do you think vuitton will make mc lockits? or any other new mc bags? i really like mc but some of the bags they have just doesn't attract to me at all.
  2. Mini keyring came in the steamer, nomade lockit, speedy, mc lockit, and they were really $$$ .
  3. Maybe eventually. They have some new styles coming out this spring..the re-release of the Lockit is still fairly recent so they're probably trying to figure out how successful it will be in terms of sales. If sales are good, I wouldn't doubt they'd come out with one.
  4. I would SO get a MC lockit in both colors if they made it *swoon* :girlsigh:
  5. Sounds cute :love: I would love to see the Lockit in a whole bunch of canvases.

    Does anyone think the Lockit is here to stay?
  6. yea and i wonder why??!!??

    i know the smaller models are harder to put together but c'mon!!!

    they use like this tiny bit of the leather and everything else....

    so i think the price is outrageous!!!:s
  7. wasn't it like VIC gift or only produced for special occasions such as Grand opening?

  8. Me Too! :love:
  9. Same here! :love: :love: