new multicolor?

  1. Anyone know if LV is planning to come out with anything new in the multicolor line? I am just itchimg for something in white!!
  2. There are 3 new MC bag coming out soon called the Neo Audra if I'm not mistaken. In PM, MM, and GM sizes. The MM and GM look like a mix between the Audra and Theda, along with corner leather patches like the Stephen.

    Here's a pic:

  3. I really like the middle one! Time to start saving up! :graucho: Thanks for the info, John!
  4. Any idea if these are going to be LE or a regular item added to the line? Just wondering if I should hop on a wait list or if I can wait to see them on someone and not miss out? lol
  5. Love the middle one. :graucho:

    Anybody know how much any of these bags cost? :confused1:
  6. I just LOVE the middle one!!! Any idea on the cost? and when exactly they will be available?
  7. There are 3 new bags coming out soon
  8. The one on the right is TDF!
  9. Wow, I will try them on in black I'm sure!! Thanks for the info!
  10. The look book showed a MC 4 Key Holder.
  11. When will these bags be out? Are they limited edition, coz I think I saw these bags with lizard/croc trim instead of usual MC leather?
  12. I believe the Neo Audra will be limited edition, but not sure... don't quote me on it. As for the release, it is not known yet.

    Yes, there is going to be a limited edition MC with exotic leather available in black & white MC. The white MC bag will be available in dark pink, dark blue, violet, and light pink; lilac and lime for the black MC bag. The price is estimated at$4200 USD- $4700 USD and is expected to launch April.

  13. Love the one with the exotic leather, but the price!!:wtf:
  14. A MC 4 Key Holder ... really? :wtf:

    In both Black and White MC? :drool:

    Do you know how much it will cost? :confused1:

    Or when it is coming out? :shrugs:

    * sorry for all the questions .... I just got really excited * :love:
  15. How exciting!!! An MC Key holder!!!!!!!!!!!! I have wanted one for some time now, but am iffy on the looks of the Epi, Damier, and Monogram Canvas ones. :s