New Multicolor With Fringe

  1. What do you guys think about this MC with the fringe? I think it's kinda cute. Enjoy the picture!
    2PICT0166.JPG.jpg 00250f.jpg 00270f.jpg 00330f.jpg 00550f.jpg
  2. I can't get to the link??
  3. Sorry there up now.:P
  4. pics not working...
  5. I know that the first handbag is a knock off but I wanted to show all the pictures that I had.
  6. Personally not my cup of tea. I like more traditional and classic styles of LV.
  7. The first thing that popped into my head was that it looks like a small animal, lol. Its cute in a really strange way, but I would never get it.
  8. um...i'm going to have to say no on that one..i'm with jasanna..I like more classic pieces.
  9. I think they're kinda cute too.
  10. I don't like these. The fringe is uuugglyyy!
  11. Yuck!
  12. A case of Western gone truly wrong. I'd have to go with a big nay here too !
  13. It's a bit busy for my liking. I think it would look good with the right outfit, I don't have this outfit...I don't see it as an everday bag.
  14. I am not's a little strange to me.
  15. Is LV running out of designing ideas? I am soooo not impressed.