New Multicolor Fringe Speedy

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  1. Sorry not for me. I think they look cheap but you have to like it.:biggrin:
    Different people different likes!!
  2. yah i saw those in the LB and although they are neat, they seem just to be a one season bag...and the price point is way too much to be a fad bag. i think MJ should've just kept to coming out with new MC designs and not added anything else.
  3. you're the first one who has liked the bag.

    heck, if you like it, that's all that matters =)
  4. That bag really has to grow on me :biggrin:
  5. My SA told me that it will be released in June, right now it retails for 3000-3500 dollars, depending upon the style you choose. This bag will come in the speedy 25, a crescent shape bag and the bucket too in the white and black, with suede fringes. It will be a limited edition. I like this bag personally but not for just one time use.
  6. another thread that i thought I would bump!
  7. I have one and I think it's gorgeous :yes: The photos don't do it any justice. It is a special piece, I'm glad I bought one! I'll bump up my thread with all the photos for you

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  8. that is true. I saw them in person and I think its a unique bag. I think it is limited and after they are gone, I think they will be more in demand. I would love one, but I think its a litte too young for me. But I fell in love with different.
  9. Young!! LOL!! I'm uhhmmmm well, way past young :roflmfao: I guess when I'm in a wheelchair I'll change my view about things, but I buy them because I just looove to look at them and have them looked at!
  10. erm, I am not young either, but I bought the white MC fringe speedy and LOOOOOOVEEE IT!!! It's so unique and gorgeous!
  11. I think all the Franger admirers need to unite! Maybe "Friends of the Frange"? hmmm "Strange Frange Friends"? (just cuz not alot of ppl like it) or maybe we should go with fringe.. "Fringey Friends"?? lol!! Somebody make a thread for the Frange's puleaze! I am out the door :wlae:
  12. me too! I'm in love with my speedy fringe and to tell you the truth i felt in love the moment I saw it in person.

  13. Oh my gosh!! Your speedy keyring is TDF!! I have the inclusion one! And the Panda sooo cute!! Have you worn your Frange alot?? I can't take it from the bottom of my closet until I find a way of introducing to my wonderful loving husband :roflmfao: