New Multi colour models in store, antbody seen them IRL yet?

  1. Hi all, anyone seen the new multi-colour styles yet? can't find any details online, saw them briefly in store today, wonder whether anyone has any thoughts??:idea:
  2. I went to LV and saw them on Thursday.........IMHO, i dont like them
  3. Just saw them yesterday... I think there is just 'too much' going on with these new Multicolor bags and I am not too fond of bags with chain handles, JMHO!
    I think there is a bag for everyone, and these are for someone else, not me. But Multicolor itself is always gorgeous!
  4. I've also seen them...not a big fan either!!
  5. Didn't really like the handbags, but thought the zippy wallets and key holders were adorable! I think my next purchase will be a white MC key holder! :love:
  6. I prefer the older MC style to the new one's
  7. I don't really like them. My store had a couple in (I didn't memorize the style names because I'm not interested lol) but I liked the 4 key holders. Those are adorable.
  8. I love them. I didn't like the Ursula too much because the bottom of it was too big for me.

    I love the Rita..and I bought one. I love, love, love my MC Speedy.. so the Rita was perfect.

    I didn't care for the smaller one though...but I don't like small bags anyway.
  9. Pictures anyone?
  10. saw them last monday at the store and wasn't too impressed. it was too "busy" for my own preference.
  11. From Left to right- first one is the Rita, second one is the Ursula, the third one is the Marilyn.
    Thanks to Narkeasha for the picture:
  12. the smaller bag is the Marilyn. I'm thinking about getting one...
  13. I saw them this weekend along with some other new bags. I liked the Marilyn, I thought it was really cute. I probably won't be purchasing any of them though!!
  14. yea. they are better than the pix, i will give them that.
  15. I liked the ursula the best. Both the Rita and Ursula were bigger IRL, then I thought they would be.