New Multi Colored Sig Stripe

  1. Saw it in person tonight, including accessories. Still don't like it. I know some people thought it might grow on them or be better in person. It's not gonna grow on me! ;)
  2. I'm going to the boutique tomorrow to see all these new items. This one looks cute in the pictures, but i think I have my heart set on a cotton Carly (maybe two of them!!)
  3. Maybe.. MAYBE if the stripes were all the same size I'd go from hate to "meh"...
  4. I still think it looks like a flag

  5. +1 !
    Why did they do that??
  6. I want to see them in the store too. I am eh :shrugs: about them online. I agree that they do look like a flag now that you mention it.
  7. and if the stripes were verticle I might go from "meh" to "gimme"
  8. I think based on the pictures, that I love it. I'm going to Coach on Saturday so I'll get to see it in person to determine if I really love it..
  9. oooh yes vertical stripes would help this bag a LOT. I need to go to wherever they design the bags and just smack someone upside the head for not thinking of that! ;)
  10. You guys mean horizontal? Not sure what you mean about vertical, it's up and down, horizontal is side to side.

    The bags are actually beautiful in person.:drool:
  11. yep - I meant horizontal...not bad.