New Mulberry Rosemary!

  1. While shopping at Saks, I noticed an Oak Mulberry Rosemary on the sale wall. Original price 995 - out the door 390 including tax, so I bought it. Now I am wondering if that was a good decision because the insert in the bag makes it sound so hard to take care of. I'm not very easy on bags, and I thought that Darwin weather could handle anything. I searched the threads here, but nothing on the long-term use of Mulberry. Anyone used one for a while? Does it hold up? Thanks!!
  2. Hi, I have pretty much sold every last Mulberry I owned now, but was a huge fan when I first got interested in bags. I have Mulberrys in the widest range of designs and leathers between about 1990 and 2000 including a congo briefcase. The quality, in my experience, was exemplary and really stood some hard city living and usage. Although it's been a long time since I have fallen for a Mulberry, I would have no qualms at all about their longevity.
  3. I have an oak Rosemary. I sprayed it with the protectant they recommended before I started using it. This bag actually gets better and better with age/wear.
  4. ditto Kat's comments. Spray it and you'll never have any problems. I have 3 mulberrys and I don't baby them. The leather just gets better and better.
  5. Where did you get the Mulberry recommended protectant?
  6. I ordered online. I think the info is on the care card that comes with the bag.