New Mulberry messenger bag!

  1. :yahoo:So happy! I just bought this Mulberry bag for my postgrad course. Its the Litchfield in darwin leather, nude. The leather is soooo luxurious! Its so supple, and strangely bendy, just like my bayswater. I like the 2 pockets at the front too, its very lv manhattan pm. It looks more like a handbag if u make the strap really short... reminds me of a dior gaucho which i cannot afford.

    But the sa warned me to be careful with water or transfer of colors from other materials... guess i have to be super-duper careful! And i like it that its so understated... most of my friends are clueless about this brand. Best of all, its unisex too! I made my husband model it (he's the guy in the last pic) since i m a bit too pregnant and it really accentuates the size of my belly (temporary problem), but he refused to use it because i imposed so many restrictions. Oh whatever:P
    mul000.jpg mul04.jpg mul2.jpg mul05.jpg mul06.jpg mul07.jpg
  2. Wow, I really, really like that bag! Can you treat the leather at all?

    Oooooh, this will make an excellent diaper bag! Congrats on your pregnancy.
  3. Thats lush - love the colour!! I really like the litchfield you are so lucky!
  4. Cute! It will "patina" beautifully too!:yes:
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrats! I just love Mulberry bags and esp. Darwin leather!
  7. cute!! im hoping to pick up the JOEL sometime soon in darwin as well! wear in good health.
  8. i like it. congrats.....
  9. Its nice, and looks good on your hubby!
  10. gorgeous bag. i want to get a mulberry.
  11. Very beautiful, I love the color and the style. I just saw my first Mulberry bag in person at Nordstrom a week or two ago. I had no idea I would like them so much. Peggy
  12. That is one BEAUTIFUL bag!! I :heart: messenger bags!!
  13. congraaaaaats!! :nuts:
    oh the leather is just :tender:
    the third pic is absoulutely stunning by the way! :jammin:
    wear it in your best of health.. :flowers:
    your husband did a great job modeling it.. i bet you'll catch him infront of the mirror one morning testing it again :P ;)