New Mulberry Bags

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  1. Hi girls,

    I came across these in an Asian magazine and figured you girls would be interested in seeing them.

    mulberry1.jpg mulberry2.jpg mulberry3.jpg mulberry4.jpg mulberry5.jpg
  2. oh, one more!

    I've never seen these mini bags... but this picture was taken in japan back in April 2006, so maybe it's an asian version?
    mini mulberry.jpg
  3. Oh, I love them! The patent leather Roxanne and the minis are so cute! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Hi there. I'm in the UK and live close to the Mulberry HQ (where they have a fantastic factory shop). The minis are not new - Mulberry has done them for years and they come in all colours. They are quite often available at really reasonable prices at the outlet. They tend to be mini Bayswaters but they do minis in most of their main lines.
  5. The minis are too cute! Thanks for the pics!
  6. :nuts: LUcky you!
  7. Love the mini bags....I don't think I've ever seen them IRL.
  8. Thanks for the info!! They are SOOO cute!!
  9. I like the 5th one. I just got my first Mulberry and love the quality and workmanship. I will buy another when i can afford it!
  10. The mini ones are called Ledbury (hope I remember it right...) and they have been around for some time. :smile: However, I really don't like the patent Bayswater and Roxanne. Patent does not agree with the the design might just not be my preference.
  11. wow thanks for posting this. anyone has any info on this bag?

  12. they are all Giles Deacon for Mulberry collection 2006. I personally love Mulberry, but the patent leather and the patchworky stripes on the metallic Bayswater are not really the style of Mulberry I so admire.
  13. ^ if you don't mind me asking, are these bags still available in mulberry stores/online or are they completely sold out?
  14. I really love these bags!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    How is the quality of these wonderful bags????