New mousse Paddy

  1. Can I still buy a new mousse Paddy anywhere in NYC? LOVE the color but not sure if it is still being sold new in stores and am heading to New York next month.

  2. I have no idea if it's available in NY since it's an '06 color, but has the gris vert medium on sale right now...I think it's a pretty good price and it's new. The gris vert is very close to the mousse, it has purple edging instead of darker gray, and the color has a slightly more greenish tint, but it's gorgeous! I've never bought anything from them, so I don't know anything about them...but they look legit and they do have pretty good prices for a sale.
    Your best bet other than that, is eBay..but proceed with caution and check out everything before you buy! Good luck:smile::tup:
  3. Unfortunately, I think your chances of finding either a gris-vert or mousse in stores is slim to none. I had a front pocket paddy that was defectively and I searched everywhere for another (would have taken a regular paddy) back in June/July. Your best bet is finding a used one I think.

    Good luck, although I may have to fight you for it if you do find one:graucho:. jk, I 'settled' for a roche paddy that I found through the help of lovely tpf'er (ReRe- where have you been) and got it for a steal.

    Doesn't make my :heart: skip as many beats as my gris-vert did but I :heart: it just the same.
  4. I haven't seen that color in the stores for a while. However, keep your eye on eBay or overstock they may get a new one in either of those places..
  5. This was the mousse. :graucho: They didn't make the large pocket paddy in gris vert. I bought this style and color on Bluefly a while back, and then found ANOTHER one on Bluefly for my daughter, but haven't seen a brand new one since. :confused1: The leather on this is gorgeous. Very smooshy! This one sold at a decent price, but it was used and I am always wary about the condition of used bags, but at the price, it's worth a shot:smile::tup:
  7. now one really knows....I have been asking and didn't get much of a response!
  8. They definitely made the large in gris-vert, thats the color I have:yes:. I always get so confused between the two colors because they are so similar. I guess the only way to tell the difference is side by side comparison.
    Sacoche had them back in january(thats where mine came from) I doubt they have that style anymore though:shrugs:.
  9. I agree they definitely made the large in gris-vert b/c I was debating between the 2 sizes when I bought mine at the Chloe SCP boutique in Dec 06. LOOOOOVE this color and still miss it every day...