New Moschino Cheap and Chic coat!

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  1. My mom called me from Nordstrom's asking whether she should splurge on a Moschino Cheap and Chic coat. They only had one going on sale and she only got it because she happened to hear a couple SA's whispering about whether it was in fact on sale. She described it to me, I found it on net-a-porter (at full price) and I MADE her get it. Not that she wasn't leaning that way anyway. She said she should never have tried it on :rolleyes:
    Is it gorgeous or what? I can't wait to steal it from her :devil:

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  2. i LOVE IT!
  3. it's GORGEOUS!!! yay!
  4. Beautiful. Even at full price it's beautiful, but on sale it's even better.
  5. Its very cute!
  6. GORGEOUS! I love it!
  7. LOVE that coat!
  8. I am so jealous of your mom.

    LOVE that coat.
  9. Beautiful! Your mum is awesome.
  10. Fantastic coat!! I LOVE the princess seaming detail too.
  11. so cute!!
  12. Gorgeous!!! :love:
  13. Great coat !
  14. Very Nice! Its Classy And Beautiful!!
  15. That is SUCH a cute coat!!! I absolutely love it.