New "more pliable" Monogram canvas?

  1. The Elux site says that some of the new bags (like Tulom) have a new more supple monogram canvas. Somewhere in one of these posts someone mentioned an SA told her that the new canvas is more pliable.

    Anyone have any insight on this? Some styles, or will all be migrating to the new canvas? How different is it? Is the Batignolles different too? (say, from the Speedy)? Is it even noticeable? Is it an improvement?
  2. Not Monogram but my Damier Saleya PM is definitely more pliable than the Damier Chelsea I used to own.
  3. The Tulum is softer and squishier compared to my Speedys and BV.
  4. I was the one who mentioned it in another thread... the SA told me that ALL the monogram canvas bags will eventually be the more softer or pliable canvas.

    My new Pop Haut is much more soft and pliable than the Boulogne.
  5. Now that I've heard that I think my new Mizi feels much softer than all my other bags.;)
  6. Interesting... Did they say what the reason was for the change? Were people complaining about the 'non-pliability' of the current canvas?

    I wonder if this is the first time the mono canvas has changed since it was first introduced.

    Oh, and for the LV owners that have noticed a difference - do you prefer the old or new canvas? Thanks!!
  7. I guess it looks exactly the same as the older monogram canvas huh?

    do you gals like the newer texture/squishiness or do you prefer the older canvas?
  8. I don't mind the new one. What was wrong with the old one for them to make that change, I wonder?:oh:
  9. Oh man, I bet this will make the monogram canvas Speedy sag Even More! LOL
  10. The reason the SA brought it up to me is because I was complaining about the way the Boulogne zipped -- the top would not lay flat.

    I can't tell by looking that the canvas is different between my two bags -- just by the feel. I'm thinking if I had a new and an older Boulogne with the two different canvases, then I could tell a difference? Especially in one like the Boulogne that does have a stiffer top.
  11. :lol:
  12. Hmmm.... you're probably right! :blink: I've been sitting here for two days trying to decide if I want the 30 or not -- but I don't want one that will sag even more!
  13. Yes, the new mono canvas is more "squishy". I don't know why they changed it. I like the original texture of the mono canvas.
  14. I was feeling the difference b/t two of my bags last night but in my case the older one feels softer than the newer one. It could be b/c I've used the older one more than the new one.

    Does the canvas actually become softer the more use it gets/the older it is??
  15. Does anyone know how long ago this went into affect?