NEW Montaigne Empreinte GM Reveal

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  1. I just got the new GM Montaigne, but I am not very happy with the customer service I received. If you cross reference this GM purse to the LV website and look at the detail, my purse looks just like the MM. Shouldn't it look exactly like their web picture? They told me all of the purses will all look different? Is that true? I own 3 other LV bags and am not an expert. Please help.It is a gorgeous bag though.

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  2. What a stunner! Congrats on your purchase!
    I think your GM looks like the GM on the website
    Please show us some modelling pics soon =]
  3. Congrats your Montaigne is beautiful :smile:
  4. It does look like it but if you zoom in my purse has the flowers right next to the gold pieces below the purse handle and on the website GM right next to the gold hardware has the XL logo next to it. So if you do a side by side comparison of the MM and the GM, my GM looks like an MM, if that makes sense. I'm not too thrilled with this.
  5. Can you post a side by side picture?
  6. OMG....want!!! :biggrin::heart:
  7. Gorgeous bag. Congrats.
  8. I'm really not seeing a problem..
    Are you talking about the pattern placement?

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  9. #9 Mar 3, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2014
    This is the GM from the LV site and below is my purchase.

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  10. Yes the pattern placement.
  11. I think yours looks better, deeper pattern. Love your bag, congrats!
  12. Can't you Just do a comparison of measurements? Or are you not worried about size and just pattern? It's gorgeous by the way! Congrats :smile:
  13. Oh and yes they often do look different on the website
  14. Congrats on your purchase. I do see the pattern difference but honestly I like yours better than the website photo.

    Enjoy your beautiful bag!!

  15. I love the purse, it smells lovely, but what I am not happy about is that it does not look exactly like the website. It doesn't make sense to me.