New Monogramming Coach Items

  1. I never owned a Coach bag, but I looked on their site today and saw the monogramming totes and I think they are so adorable. What are your opinions on them? Just wanting to know. Thanks. :biggrin:
  2. I think there is a thread similar to this one

    I don't like it..I saw it in person over the weekend & I would have just bought the bag w/o the monogramming. But I don't really like the stripe line anyways. I was having second thoughts while I was still in the store on the stripe wristlet. So, I left & bought some wonderful things at the Coach outlet!
  3. if I bought one I would want to have it monogrammed
  4. I'm thinking about getting one, so do you think I should put all three initials on it, or just the first letter of my name? Any opinions would be great. Thanks.
  5. I think three initials would look best
  6. I would try to see the monogramming in real life before ordering. It looks great in the catalog, but cheap and cheesy IRL.
  7. I love the bags...but I saw some at a store this weekend and HATE the monograming. In case you haven't seen...its basically the stuff they use when you get a t-shirt screenprinted.... There is a square of the material, the intials are cut into it , and the whole thing is applied to the bag. Looks EXTREMELY cheesy. I would definitely recommend you go to a store to see it in person before getting it....
  8. Thanks for all your opinions, I wish I could see it in person, but there is no Coach store around where I live.
  9. I don't like the ones shown in the picture. They're really big and doesn't look right to me.
  10. Would it look too tacky to put the initials on the tote? Or is the tote just tacky?
  11. I don't think its tacky and I don't think they looked cheap. I didn't like them on every color bag though. They are put on with heat like those on a sport jersey. There were alot of women getting their initials added when I picked up my tote. I didn't add them because I wanted it "now"! Go to the store, see if you like them irl. If you love the look add them!
  12. I'd say skip it then....get initial charms instead if you want our initials!