New Monogram Speedy 25??

  1. I really love my monogram speedy 25 and I use it all the time but its looking a little well ummmm dirty. The vachetta is pretty dark and the handles even darker. Is it silly to buy a new one (exactly the same)? Is it worth it to replace all the vachetta? Or does anyone have any suggestions of another bag that is a really good everday bag and practically worry free?? Thanks and...
    Happy Easter Everyone!!!:flowers:
  2. i think i'd just change the handles..
  3. or if you want another everyday bag, go for the damier speedy. no vachetta there to worry about
  4. Have you tried saddle soap on the handles?
  5. The damier is worry free but i personally am not too fond of the look but it is really attractive in that it seems like the kind of bag that would always look new. HTH.

    If the canvas is in good condition id proably just have the vachetta replaced.
  6. try wiping the handles with baby wipes, I had one handle slightly darker than the other and I wiped them down I was amazed at the amount of dirt that came off, my handles where honey rather than dark and I think they have darkened a little but not much.

    When I feel they are too dark I'll just get a whole new bag as it will most likely cost almost the same to replace all the vachetta
  7. ^^ITA- try baby wipes.
  8. i think you should just replace the handles, unless the bag itself is in bad condition.
  9. A Papillion 26 would be so cute!! I think one of these might be my next purses. A few months from now though lol. But not sure if it will be my next purse, but I just loved how the Damier Pap in 26 looked on my arm. I liked it more than the Damier Speedy 25. And its worry free. I never tried on the 30, as I think I prefer one strap for shoulder purses. And it probably would of been too big for me in IMO. I still love the Damier Speedy. Another great purse is the Epi Jasmin, its so nice in Red and Black. Perfect size. Have fun shopping if you decide on a new purse.
  10. i agree with others. try baby wipes! they worked on mine.
  11. If you're looking for a different Speedy, I'd go for the Damier Speedy!!!
  12. I agree w/ the baby wipes - make sure they are alcohol free.