New Monogram Messengers and Backpacks?

  1. Hello, everyone! This is my first time posting, so hey.

    This is really random, but I was on the Japanese Louis Vuitton site today (seeing if there were pictures of the Panda bags) and I noticed a few Monogram bags I have never seen before. Anyone have any info on these bags? Are they new and not up on the other sites, or are they Japan exclusives? They aren't listed as new arrivals, so I'm not sure what the deal is. Look like great bags, though. Another interesting thing is that the page for the PM has the video for the GM, and vice versa. Here are pics from the website, but you can go see them yourself. (the Japanese page is the first link with Asian-style writing on the country list)

    Any info?
    lv1.jpg lv2.jpg
  2. hmm maybe they are coming out with it in the asian market first to see how it goes since japan is one of the biggest consumers of LV. and maybe if it goes well they will launch it here......*crossing fingers*
  3. they are comeing out here i think because i saw them in the new product book.
  4. Those are the new Bosphore messengers - I WANT the pm size - it looks fab!
  5. i think i like the backpack :shame:
  6. I saw these in the look book today here and I think the launch date is July/August??
  7. i found some close-up pic's of these new messengers and waist bag :P
    GM.jpg img10612440960 GM.jpg img10612440957.jpg img10612440956.jpg img10612440964.jpg img10612440967.jpg img10612440968.jpg
  8. NL- where did you see those pics! Now I REALLY want that PM!!!
  9. thank you!
  10. OH- I am on the waitlist for that messenger bag..she said beginning of July it would here in the USA
  11. I LOVE the new backpack!!!:love:
  12. Oh very cool!
  13. There was a post made about these new messenger bags before... it might help to use the "search" at the top navigation bar...