new monogram LV at Saks...need help...

  1. The lady at the store said it was called Beverly....but I couldn't find it anywhere, and then I saw another post on the shopping section and it looks a lot like the Pleaty - could the SA at Sak's on Michigan Ave. be confused...does anyone know what the Beverly actually looks like, if so can you post photos - I think it is a Pleaty, and they are two different bags....hmmm, thanks!
  2. Couture_girl has one in her avatar. It's soo cute!
  3. Yes, there is also a club started in the LV clubhouse subforum.
  4. here I am!! lol
    <--------------- its my moms bag!! Michelle1025 has it as well
  5. i saw it today at neiman's. very cute.
  6. ive seen it. i actually dont like it...i dont know why...
  7. whats the price on it??
  8. I want to say it was in the high 6's....there are 2 other sizes also...the biggest has 2 straps and is 1300....I got that one! :yes:

  9. Its about 680, i think
  10. I'm not sure if I can jsutify that...I think I would rahter lust after the imaginary Sophie's arriving in the US.
  11. My SA told me it WAS supposed to be called the Pleaty, but they changed it to the Berverly!! :p
  12. I have seen it here in all the available sizes and the biggest is big-but soooo beautiful...I am thinking about it but am a bit too scared with the vachetta.
  13. Its super cute but its more like a pochette vs everyday bag?
  14. The smallest is like a clutch. The midsize is a shoulder bag and the largest size is very spacious. I like the large and shoulder bag. The clutch is cute but can't fit a lot. It is something like the shirley mc.
  15. ...Okay, thanks everyone - I thought I was looking at the same bag, but I recall the SA telling me is was a Beverly ----now that makes sense!! Thanks for the clarification!!!