New monogram limited edition : Trunks and Bags

  1. Hello!
    Have you seen the mini pochette accessoires hung on the Neverfull bag ? I love it, I suppose it is the new limited edition that will replace the Groom line. Have you seen in the lookbook the other accessories and small leather goods of this line? Will they be launched only in Japan or all over the world? Whan will it happen? ... Pics ???
    Thanks a lot for all your answers
  2. Pretty sure it's worldwide pochette is $255 (at the minute) details and more updates in the summary thread for Spring Summer (link below)
  3. At the call center they say to me that this line is not LE..But they are waiting for more informations about.
  4. Thanks for this piece of information !!! Don't hesitate to send more when you will know more !!! Bye
  5. The neverfull is not fact they gonna have it in damier canvas and azur too =)
  6. Sorry Deslinx I am not speeking of the Neverfull but the mini pochette accessoires with the Trunks and bags logo which is in my opinion a limited edition.
  7. can't wait for the neverfull to come out.
  8. For instance, is there a pochette clés or only the mini pochette accessoires ??? mvc_sassy has found sth very interesting on eBay, this "Neverfull pochette" she wonders if it's real or fake??? The inside is like the Neverfull bag with stripes ... amazing ...
  9. anyone have picts?
  10. when will this come out?
  11. I can't wait to see it in Azur!
  12. When I was at the LV yesterday getting my haul, the SA showed me a stack of printouts of upcomingi of which that caught my eyes was the mini pochette accessories with the Trunks and bags logo on says on there they would have it out in June...can't remember the rest tho...:p
  13. I'm on the waitlist! I can't wait, this bag is too cute! : )