New Monogram Canvas T&B Wallet

  1. oooh I love this!
  2. Very cute, I love the T&B stuff because it looks vintage.
  3. it's cute. I love Trunk item.
  4. im not loving it....i would need to see it irl
  5. Cute!
  6. Love it! Minimal size for the stuff that goes in and vintage looking. Uh-oh, yet another wallet I want. Thanks, I had been wanting to see this one.
  7. It looks really cute
  8. Not crazy about it...
  9. I have seen this IRL and it is really nice:heart:
  10. lol, great description!
  11. I'm not crazy about it either... I do however like the Cles a lot.
  12. ooooh!I REALLLY like it...I may have to buy it!
  13. Ohhh i love it!! great for on the go... so cool, you can even attach your key ring on it. Great all in one!!!
  14. I saw it a couple of weeks ago in Vegas and it's really different. It's nice how you can attach a strap (like the one on the wappity) on it and use it as a clutch. It even expands enough that you can put a cell phone in it (thin one, of course). I'd love it in damier!