New Monogram Canvas bowler-shaped bag?

  1. A friend from Singapore mentioned to me that the SA at LV showed her a bag that is going to be launch tomorrow (February 1) in Singapore. She didn't get the name of the bag and I've been crawling the web to find something remotely close to her description. According to her, the bag is in Monogram Canvas; the shape is very similar to the Montaigne, but it has thinner (vacheron) and flat straps; and it has a golden logo engraved plaque on the front like the Berkeley, but much smaller. The prices are SGD$1,170 and SGD$1,280 respectively. A lot of people are already on the wait list apparently.

    Any clue anybody? :confused1:
  2. OMG, first of all welsome to the purse forum, second did your friend
    take any pics that you could post?
  3. Maybe the galleria (sic( new bag to launch feb-March) If you scroll on ther spring site there is a picture of this
  4. Is it this one??
  5. ^^ That is a montorgueil
  6. [​IMG]

    think this is the one she may be talking about
    760 euros PM
    880 euros GM
    not sure of US prices
  7. OOOOyea, I could only view that one the france section of the vuitton website.
  8. That one is nowhere close to the Montaigne!
  9. Both are new releases for the spring season also with the eva, which is a smaller bag look
  10. heyyyy sarah. how much is the montorgueil listed for? anyone know othe details, size, inside (ok- ok - ok- going to spring section now...)

  11. Montorgeuil - March
    PM ($750) - 14"W x 8"H x 6.3"D
    GM ($800) - 16.5"W x 9.5"H x 7"D
    -textile lining, patch pocket, padlock closure, shoulder carry
  12. omg that's the one! :woohoo:

    thanks so much sarah! you rock! :flowers:

  13. thanks for the warm welcome :smile:

    nope, she couldn't get a picture of it.
    but sarah manage to pinpoint the bag :yahoo:
  14. It's a beauty!!!
  15. Love them!!