New monogram bags coming out in Oct

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  1. Anyone has heard about the monogram bags that are coming out later this year (around October)?
    If so, do you have any info on them?

  2. what bag??....:sneaky:

    Are you talking about the LE or the permanent?
  3. I'm thinking permanent, part of regular mono. Not the new style mono print that's coming out in Fall. And yes I did check out the thread posted by LvBabydoll
  4. Ok.. so it will be the new style in mono that is part of the permanent collection...right?

    um..... I've no idea...:sweatdrop:
  5. Yeah I have no idea either then. The only new mono bags I've heard of so far were the Neverfulls.
  6. eeek! You all get me so excited for fall. I can't wait, I need to see that Look-Book real soon or I'll die!
  7. I saw them, I don't remember any info though. Sorry.
  8. I just know about the black denim coming out and the new mono bags with black handles....I think that's the Degrade collection. I'm not sure what it's called, but I waitlisted at my boutique for the speedy with black handles on Friday. The paper I was shown said September for these bags. There were also some kind of fabric mono bags (looked velvet or velour) and fur trimmed bags.
  9. I want purple Epi a really nice rich purple.