New mono speedy 30 pics

  1. Let me set the story up for you. My husband got a Taiga agenda last week when I got my damier koala agenda. For one week, he had that agenda on his desk, hoping he would really use it. Today he says to me, "I gotta take that back. I just don't think I'll ever use it. I can't really schlep it around for a work agenda, I would be too anal about it getting messed up. You can have the credit and get whatever you want." I tried to talk him into keeping it, but then I thought :nuts: mono speedy before the impending price increase! So we went back to lv and made the exchange. I am so in love with my damier speedy 30, but this mono speedy 30 is also gorgeous! I'm speedy-crazy right now. So this is my last lv this year, I promise! Now my husband tells me he likes the mono speedy better than the damier. It is made in usa, I asked my SA if they had any france or spain, but he said they move so quickly, they don't have any others unless somebody makes a return. It's all good to me, I have bags from all 3. Here are pics of my new mono and both speedies together.
    Picture 554.jpg Picture 553.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!!!!!!! Congrats...and what a sweet hubby!
    Did your SA mention anything about the price increase to you?
  3. Oh! That is just gorgeous when u put them together like that! And ur dh is so sweet to give u the store credit for your bag! Congratulations!
  4. Congrats!
  5. SA said he has not heard of any price increase. I'm pretty sure if he knew anything he would have told me. Yeah, that hubby of mine is pretty sweet!:love:
  6. Very nice! I think I'm Speedy crazed too now.

    So if the bag is made in the US, it's not as good as ones made in France or Spain? My monogram pochette was marked with "Made in USA" too...
    Just wondering...?
  7. Congrats.
  8. LOL- I had to tell my Dh about this because I just got him a damier wallet!
  9. No, no difference in quality. I only mentioned it because there's been some talk about France being the preferred stamp on our bags. I don't have a preference. It's all LV, it's all good!
  10. Congrats! :yahoo: Wow - what a nice husband!!!

    I got my brand new Speedy 30 yesterday from elux! I've basically been staring at it all day. :P
  11. Very nice :smile: Congrat's.
  12. Ohhh texas girl you have both speedies congrats..they look sooo good I already have the mono speedy and know how fab it is....I would like to hear what you think of the daimer speedy...details you like them equally...I really want a daimer piece it just looks so elegant...very nice dh...exciting!!!
  13. I do love them equally! However, my husband said he definitely prefers the mono. He likes the more feminine look to it and the lighter colored handles. I think the damier is much more capable of taking harder hits, like the ones you get from lugging kids around all day! Until the vachetta gets a little darker, I'm probably gonna carry the damier.
  14. Congrats!! You're so lucky you have both!
  15. Congrats! They are both beautiful!