New Mono Raspail... Any Info?

  1. Thank you for the pic Ishcat! I like it! I'm considering!!!!:smile:
  2. I'm actually surprised people aren't raving about this bag. The things people are not happy about with the Totally and Neverfull are not present on this bag. It's like LV has been reading all the complaints about those two bags and created this bag based on those comments about what people did or did not like on those bags. This seems like the perfect tote to me.
  3. I just adore the simplicity of this bag...really pretty tote...wonder if it will come in other patterns?
  4. Do you know if they Will release it in azur also?
  5. Wonder if the handles are long enough to carry on the shoulder? (Probably not)
    Would be keen if it comes out in Azur... I want a simple Azur shoulder bag that doesn't have much Vachetta
  6. The first reports out were that the pm would be hand held, and the mm and gm would be shoulder friendly. Let's hope so~!
  7. Thanks for sharing the picture of the new Raspail mono !
  8. Does anybody know? if there are any other Tote coming out this year?
  9. can the store order Cabas mezzo for me from a
    different LV store in the USA?
  10. Not feeling it at all, it's so plain and boring... Do they have to save on vachetta...
    I hope I am not offensive. It's just not for me.
  11. I went to my LV store today to find out what I could on the Raspail. It WILL be available March 1, but the Atlanta store has not received any yet. I got a print out on it, and here is what it says....

    "Raspail expresses the comeback to simplicity and purity of style: the result is a very modern and pure shape. The bag can be used either opened or closed thanks to a wide and totally openable zip: it is perfect to carry everything that is needed and brings an increased feeling of security when closed. Thanks to it's simple shape, suppleness and clever functionalities inside, Raspail is perfect for everyday use. Raspail offers a surprising burgandy textile lining, making it more fashionable and exclusive. Raspail refers to a famous Parisian market, echoing with the shopping tote and shape of the bag. This market is also located in the Boulevard Raspail, which is going through the elegant and chic districts of the left side of the Seine".

    It will come in 3 sizes, but I couldn't get the numbers. Priced $1060-1320. The codes are GM-M40609, MM-M40607 and PM-40608. I can not tell from the pictures if the GM and MM will fit on the shoulder. And I would love to know what is meant by "clever functionalities inside"~!!~
  12. Awwww thank you so much for the update!!!! It looks so awesome!!! The burgundy textile lining thing that you said... made me drool!!!! I think I'll put it top of my list now!!!
  13. i loooooooove it!!!! hope the sizes will be compareable to the NF!
  14. Like the functionality of the bag, but the rolled handles aren't doing much for me.
  15. Same. I just get over that fact.