New Mono or Damier ebene releases

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  1. anyone know of any "normal" bags to be released soon. Meaning without patches, Christmas colors, or weird cartoons. I would like a new bag for fall but lately the only new normal bag released has been the Lymington
  2. The Surene MM in monogram was just released. I like the look of it, and would love to see a modeling photo if anyone has it yet.
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  3. The Surenne MM is one gorgeous bag! Almost pulled the trigger on one last week, but decided to wait until Fall. Holds a lot without being too heavy. Very elegant!
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  4. There was actually a thread with mod shots with the surene mm.
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  5. Thanks for starting this thread. The limited edition pieces are beautiful to look at but I prefer purchasing the more normal/classic bags and accessories too.
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  6. I did get the speedy b time trunk as I simply love this collection! But in general I stick to classics and everyday bags.
  7. I’m surprised they haven’t put pumpkins on a Halloween LE Damier ebene speedy and Alma B.B. with orange leather trim and pumpkin seed cotton lining yet. Let’s hope for some normal classic bags soon.
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  8. Yes unfortunately it’s time for LV to find a new designer.
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  9. I hate to beat a dead horse on how disappointed I've been with releases lately. but sometimes I feel like they put a few things out there like how silly can we make this and see how many people will buy it because it's a new release and LV.
  10. Lol and t they sell oddly enough.
  11. I would also like more classic monogram and ebene bag for guys. Most stuff that are new in the men lines, I just don't fancy enough for me to trigger to want to have it.