new mono men's tote OR damier geant cougar ?

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  1. hi guys,

    i want a new bag but i'm on the fence between the new mono men's tote (already have the damier naviglio) and the damier geant cougar.

    i like the sporty look of the cougar and i can hang a damier geant cle to the hardware but the mono tote is very urban and more sophisticated.

    What do you think ?

  2. I like the urban feel of the beaubourg too ... go for that:yes:
  3. New mono tote!
  4. Definitely, get the Beaubourg! LVoe it!!!!
  5. i've been wanting the black Geant Couguar for a while now. the only thing stopping me from getting it are the handles. they're a bit too short to carry on the shoulder when im wearing a jacket. and i already have a couple of hand-held totes already. i've got my eye on the Damier Beaubourg which seem to have addressed this issue with longer handles. just waiting for them to arrive.

    now, if they made the Beaubourg in Damier Graphite.... :drool:
  6. mono tote !
  7. Definitely the Beaubourg! So much hotter!
  8. LOVE the new man tote, I'd go for the one in mono ! :yes:
  9. Gosh, I love the Beaubourg! But... I love the Cougar too... I will get three of them If I have unlimited budget :P

  10. if it wasn't for this thread i wouldn't have discovered the Beaubourg, now its on my wishlist! :biggrin:
  11. Geant!!!
  12. hm... tough call

    i like the new totes so thats where my vote is!
  13. oh, i like both. hmmmm...just get both! hahahaha...:graucho: bad...i am sure i am of no help. but for me, i guess it depends on the look you are after OR the look you are more likely to be. rugged or sophisticated? because both bags really ARE nice. good luck!
  14. Not a cougar fan. I don't like the zipper on top. But if you are in a place where pickpockets may be near, or if you're not a very cautious person,it could be a good thing. Also, will you be carrying heavy thing or light things? Because, if heavy, the shoulder option may be more useful than tote only.
  15. I love the new Beaubourg tote, so I say go for that one!