New Mono Delightful GM vs. DE Neverfull GM

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  1. Which is better? Since they have the same size...
  2. The Delightful has my vote as it's significantly more comfortable, especially when heavy or when worn for long periods of time.
  3. A lot are telling that the design seems so plain without the zippers like before. What are your thoughts?
  4. I had the OM GM Delightful with the 2 zippers, but recently sold it. This new Delightful is pretty blah...very plain. I had the same dilemma before I saw the new Delightful in person, NF or Delightful...I ended up getting the mono GM NF.
  5. It looks no different than its PM and MM counterparts except for it being larger of course. I think the reason that people will call the MM beautiful yet the GM plain, again they look identical, is because they expect to see the zippers like on the original and that's obviously not the case anymore. The Delightful, regardless of its print or size, is both a gorgeous bag to look at and wear.
  6. So is the new model delightful gm the same size as the old model one?
  7. No, it's a bit smaller in width and length due to the redesign (most noticeable around the base) and it no longer has the two zippered pockets on the compensate LV made the interior pocket deeper though.
  8. Ok, thx! :smile: